213 William Thomason Byway
Leitchfield, KY 42754
(270) 230-8839
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10/21/2014 12:59 PM
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  The Grayson County Humane Society/SPCA is an all-volunteer group
that donates their time, talents (balancing acts included), and resources (never-ending free hugs)
to saving the pets in need in Leitchfield, Kentucky and the surrounding area.

The shelter is open daily from 8:00AM to 12:00PM (Central Time Zone).  
Please contact us for an appointment if these times aren't suited to your schedule.

If you need directions to the shelter, please call us at 270-230-8839.

Click here for a map of the Grayson County Humane Society


We rely solely on public donations to provide all the necessary care to the animals in our shelter.  
All donations are tax-deductible to the extent permissible by law.

If you are looking for gift items for your friends, family, colleagues or neighbors,
please take a look at the items that we have in our fundraisers, and spread the word!

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Click on "Give Now" (above), or go to PayPal link (top of the page),
or send your check / money order issued to Grayson Co. Humane Society / SPCA
to Leitchfield Animal Shelter, 213 William Thomason Byway, Leitchfield, KY 42754


No contribution is too small.


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As the expenses for caring for the homeless animals never end, we are always grateful for ANY donations that can help us keep the shelter running.  Please consider donating to Grayson County Humane Society towards the care for the animals in the Leitchfield Animal shelter! Thank you for all the ways you love and support our shelter!

You can mail your donation check or money order issued to Grayson County Humane Society/SPCA to our address (at the top of the page), and you can also donate directly via PayPal by clicking this button. Thank you so much!!




Thanks to a special donation to help with the expenses of cat adoptions, the Leitchfield Animal Shelter is able to reduce the usual $55 adoption fee to $20. This special rate will be available until the donation funds are depleted.

Only cats/kittens who are spayed/neutered and up to date on shots are available for this special adoption rate. You can apply online or at the shelter to begin the screening process.

You may view adoptable cat/kitten pictures and videos on the Grayson County Humane Society website at www.graysonhumane.org or visit the shelter any day between the hours of 8:00 and noon Central. 

For more information, please call the shelter 270-230-8839, or email our adoption coordinators at GraysonHumane@gmail.com, or visit us on Facebook and leave us a message there.        

Petfinder cats

Please consider joining our Facebook Group page, Facebook Fan page,
Facebook Cause page, and Myspace page,
as well as our Friends of Grayson County Humane Society Yahoo group
to keep up on our current needs and planned events. We're also now on Twitter!
Please take a minute to check out our Black Cat Society (BCS) web page.
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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4si51HwO8XA video update april 2013   Hi, my name is Chapel, a black and white girl kitty (short coat), about one year old (in February 2011). So, the funny thing about this is I came in with a collar, which the people who took me in temporarily after I was wan...read more about Chapel-sponsored
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PLEASE, if you rescue or are thinking about adopting, consider rescuing or adopting our pets, as we do allow out-of-state adoptions and rescues. TRANSPORT IS USUALLY AVAILABLE -- PLEASE JUST ASK!!!

While we do not have a specific kill date, when we are full, we have to euthanize. When we are not full, we do our best to love and care for each pet with all of our abilities.

However, our work force is too small for the number of pets we currently care for. Our shelter is full and when we look at these trusting faces we know the end is near for many of them.

Our shelter pets have been treated for whatever may have ailed them. They have been spayed or neutered. Some, sadly, have spent much more of their lives here than they have ever spent anywhere else. We can tell you about each and every one of them. Please just ask

They are our friends and they desperately need adopters or rescue. Our area simply does not have many adopters. Please consider offering a safe place to one of them today.

Grayson County Humane Society
213 William Thomason Byway
Leitchfield, KY  42754